Branding Tips

  1. Always keep a spray bottle of pure #1 kerosene beside you when you brand.
  2. When applying electric brands, place the brand straight and flat on the animal. Wait until the black smoke turns white. (When smoke is black, it is burning off hair and dirt) When the smoke starts to turn white or a grayish color, it is burning the hide. Count 1- 1,000; 2- 2,000; 3- 3,000.
  3. (One-One Thousand, Two-Two Thousand, Three-Three Thousand) Lift the brand, the hide should be a light tan color.
  4. Then immediately place your brand into the metal barrel and spray the branded area. This should be exactly the way your brand will look when it is healed. The Kerosene will help in it healing faster and you will also be able to see what your brand will look like when it is healed.
Branding Iron Tips