Livestock Tattoos

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Animal Tattoos are a great option for your calves, (1 to 2 months old) you plan to sell.
The hair will cover the tattoo up at the livestock auction, but can be found by brushing the hair up at the tattoo location, therefore proving the animal is yours.

All livestock auctions will be alerted of any loss you may have. Plus anyone finding them will receive a $10,000 cash reward and his name will be kept confidential.

We believe livestock thieves are too smart to fall into this trap. We are working to get a law passed to make it a federal crime to steal livestock.

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  • There are an average of 6,000 livestock stolen in a year.
  • You can help prevent livestock losses by, buying our tags for your gates.
  • We also recommend you Brand all livestock you plan to keep.
  • For livestock you plan on selling, we recommend our Animal Tattoo.