Husky SEZ - In the past year over 30 million dollars
in stolen cattle reported with no brands. So
Trust everyone, but brand all your cattle.

Livestock Theft

livestock theft


At the present time the state courts are not imposing stiff enough sentences on those that are caught to deter thieves. For example if a person is caught with $300.00 of marijuana or other drugs, he gets 5-10 years in a federal prison. If the same person is guilty of stealing 5 market ready calves that will bring $1,000.00 each at auction, in state court, he may get 5 years of probation and required to pay restitution, which in most cases is never paid.

Husky Branding Irons is currently working with our representative to enact a law making it a federal offence to steal livestock. Until we can get stiffer (federal) laws passed, in order to deter livestock thefts, we have instituted a reward program that has been successful for those who are participating. In order to participate we ask that you purchase a package of 5 signs to post on your gates and other appropriate locations and brand all of your livestock 2 months old and older. The cost of the package is only $25.00.

We currently have over 3,000 participants in this program, some for as long as 2 years, and there has not been any livestock thefts reported by them.

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