Husky SEZ - In the past year over 30 million dollars
in stolen cattle reported with no brands. So
Trust everyone, but brand all your cattle.

What We Do

We always beat competitors shipping times and ask us about our new highest quality brand this brand is built to last 30 yrs & more, comes with 10 yr warranty. The average brand today last 10 yrs. Call for more information.

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If you are in the area please come by, order a brand, and watch us as we make it. We enjoy seeing the customers we serve!

P.O. Box 460
Knoxville, AR 72845

Need Branding Irons Fast?

Husky Branding Irons is the only branding company that promises Electric Branding Irons to leave the factory in 24 Hours.

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We Care About Livestock

We care about your Livestock as much as you do. To help prevent the theft of Livestock we have deployed a Livestock Theft deterrent program. 

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If it Brands WE Have it!

We strive hard to make sure we have all of the products you need. We will work with you and make sure the product you want is the product you get. 

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Customers Feedback

Very Impressed

I am very happy with my branding iron from Husky. They did a great job making it and was well worth the money. I will be coming back to them the next time I need a Branding Iron.

Lee Welch

Wow quick turn around

I saw the shipped in 24 hours gurantee and boy are they not kidding. I recievied my electric iron fast and it is working great. Thanks.

Steve Fisher

Branding Tips

Need tips for branding? Look no further we have them here. If you have other questions, give us a call or email us we will be happy to help you.

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